Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Leopards and Spots and Cardiothoracic Surgery

So McDonalds have finally cast off the ill fitting garbs of a healthy menu and embraced the comfortable jeans and tshirt of the fryer once more. Over the last few years you will have slowly seen the golden arches, the garish colours and that scary clown replaced with a rather more ikea-esque vision of fast food. The Big Mac (whilst still available) had been pushed to the back griddle in favour of salads and toasted deli sandwiches and the new restaurants were more akin to the Starbucks model of interior design that the visual clusterf*ck that was Maccy D's previously. In short the new restaurants and menu looked like major and necessary transformations in order to bag some of the broadsheet bucks - the kids were still going to go there and spend a pound on a milkshake and make it last three hours, let's see if we can steal the coffee and a muffin for £5 brigade.

I now notice with glee that this has obviously only been partially successful. It seems to me that the Starbucks gang stayed in Starbucks and the kids went to get their primary colour and fat fix from Burger King and KFC (who more or less resolutely refused the makeover) instead. Consequently we now are faced with McDonalds latest advertising campaign which see the global multinational shed it's rather ill fitting skin and once again flexing its muscles. Comfort food is where its at folks, its winter, you want bloody great burgers with deluxe and double in the name, you want deep fried onion rings, you want Mr Whippy style ice cream with hot caramel. Come on home. We just went temporarily insane, it won't happen again (until next summer when we will inevitably have another stab at panini's again). Anyone for an Ambulance ?

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